Staff Writers

Henry Anreder

Henry Anreder is a recent graduate of Hamilton College working as a Client Development Assistant at Dickstein Shapiro LLP in Washington, DC.  He wrote his senior honors thesis on Palestinian state-building after studying at the University of Haifa in 2011.  He previously interned at the United States Senate, J Street, the New Israel Fund, and B’Tselem.  His views are his own and do not represent those of his employer.

Hayes Brown

Hayes is a National Security Reporter/Blogger at Think Progress in Washington DC. Prior to joining Think Progress, Hayes was a contractor for the Department of Homeland Security. He also blogs at At Water’s Edge on US-UN relations and other international security topics, as well as regularly contributes to the UN Dispatch and Gunpowder and Lead. Hayes is a graduate of Michigan State University. You can reach Hayes on Twitter at @HayesBrown

Fadime Gözde Çolak

Fadime Gözde Çolak is a research assistant at Ankara University, Faculty of Political Science where she focuses on African politics, Turkish foreign policy, and peace & conflict studies. Gözde has been published in Turkish books focusing on US African policy and women rights issues in Turkish foreign policy. Her research currently focuses on the policies of the African Union, and she is writing another book chapter entitled “The Congo Wars.” She lives in Ankara.

Carlos Rafael Colon

Carlos Rafael Colon currently co-manages, a targeted-killing database focused on exploring the casualties inflicted by U.S. drone strikes in Pakistan and the Middle East. He previously interned at the International Center for Terrorism Studies with a focus on Middle Eastern Affairs. He is currently working on his honors thesis on the evolution of unmanned systems and drone policy. You can reach him on Twitter at @umassdrone.

Aaron Magid

Aaron Magid currently studies Political Science and Arabic at the University of Michigan. He frequently writes about Israeli and Middle Eastern politics and his works have appeared in outlets such as The Jerusalem Post and The Forward. Aaron speaks Hebrew fluently, and some Arabic. He has lived in Israel, Morocco, and the Palestinian Territories. You can reach him  on Twitter @AaronMagid

Dan Yonker

Dan Yonker is currently a Research Assistant at the Center for Hemispheric Defense Studies in Washington DC. He has also worked in lobbying and government consulting, dealing primarily with energy policy. Dan is a graduate of Michigan State University and has studied at the Universite libre de Bruxelles, where he focused on foreign policy, security, and Arabic. You can reach him on Twitter: @DanYonker