Turkey's Military Leaders

Turkey’s Long Path to Democracy Reply

Despite 56 years of multiparty politics, it appears that democracy remains misunderstood in Turkey. From the very beginning, Turkish parliamentary democracy has had to grapple with the transcendental state tradition which, unfortunately, has made parliamentary democracy a framework without its essence — namely its fundamental principle of inclusive debate… More…

Assad -- Endgame

Assad’s Endgame Reply

Would Bashar al Assad be desperate enough to provoke a regional conflagration? If he is, there’s a target on the U.S. personnel in Jordan.

Bashar al Assad has been at war with his own country — or vast swathes of it, at least — for a year and a half. His regime is more threatened now than ever before, and the duration of the violence has only hardened opposition to his regime from the international community. (cont.) More…